Traffic cameras required to be moved in Sioux City

Traffic cameras required to be moved in Sioux City

A new law signed by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds is forcing Sioux City police to rethink where a pair of traffic cameras can be placed.

The new law requires municipalities to consider traffic and crash statistics when determining whether or not a traffic camera is justified. Additionally, cities are required to obtain a permit from the Iowa Department of Transportation to use the cameras.

Sioux City police told KCAU 9 that local traffic cameras have been moved back to the locations they were at in January. They’re now at the 3100 block of Myrtle Street and the 3100 block of Lincoln Way.

“We might set up different locations where we’re doing studies, we might set three or four different locations to see where the best places are to have those cameras,” Sergeant Tom Gill said. “The traffic study has to be done over a year’s time, so before we’ll move those cameras it’ll be one year.”

Existing cameras like Sioux City’s are grandfathered in only until Oct. 1.

Sergeant Gill also said the state of Iowa sets the fine for the speed camera violations. If someone goes 11 to 20 miles per hour over the speed limit, the cost is $75.

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