SD Attorney General concerned with crimes against children

SD Attorney General concerned with crimes against children

The awareness surrounding crimes against children is growing, but so is the crime rate.

South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley said his office is working on five child homicide cases.

“A single murder case involving a child is too many,” said Attorney General Jackley. “A child is precious enough for parents and those entrusted to care for children to be aware of the surroundings and fragile conditions of children as well as educational assistance available for child care.”

In these cases, the victims were under three years old, and most of the children suffered abusive head trauma, formerly known as shaken baby syndrome, or other internal injuries. In a sixth case, a three-year-old child was severely injured but did survive.

In some cases, the defendants have already pled guilty and are waiting to be sentenced. In other cases, the investigations continue.

Attorney General Jackley said the victims were injured by a parent, another family member, or someone entrusted to care for children. “The Attorney General’s Office is actively prosecuting these cases with the help of the state Division of Criminal Investigation and local prosecutors and law enforcement,” he said.

If anyone suspects a child has been abused, Attorney General Jackley said they should immediately call local law enforcement. He said these links provide information on the protection of young children:

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