New Laws Now in Effect in South Dakota

New Laws Now in Effect in South Dakota

July 1 is the day that laws passed and signed from the previous legislative session go into effect. This year’s new statutes cover topics ranging from child support to graduation regalia and beyond.

Below is a list of every new law now in effect in South Dakota.

South Dakota’s new laws for 2022:

  • HB 1025: An Act to update legal holidays in South Dakota.
  • HB 1196: An Act to designate the traditional flute as the official indigenous musical instrument of South Dakota.
  • SB 144: An Act to create the incarceration construction fund for the capital construction of such facilities.
  • HB 1087: An Act to revise certain provisions regarding records that are not open to inspection and copying and deliberations in an executive or closed meeting.
  • SB 95: An Act to revise provisions regarding the Teacher Compensation Review Board.
  • HB 1051: An Act to amend certain provisions relating to the small business credit initiative fund.
  • HB 1195: An Act to direct the Indian Education Advisory Council to make an annual report to the Governor and the State-Tribal Relations Committee.
  • SB 187: An Act to require state agencies to provide certain information for initiated measure or constitutional amendment fiscal notes.
  • SB 2: An Act to publish voter-approved initiated constitutional amendments and initiated measures in the session laws.
  • SB 1: An Act to codify legislation enacted in 2021.
  • HB 1106: An Act to provide for the security and privacy of certain personally identifiable information for judicial officers and to declare an emergency.
  • SB 68: An Act to revise holiday pay for state employees.
  • HB 1063: An Act to revise the approval process for state employee household moving allowances.
  • SB 57: An Act to add gaming enforcement agents to Class B membership of the South Dakota Retirement System.
  • SB 56: An Act to revise certain provisions relating to the South Dakota Retirement System.
  • HB 1041: An Act to facilitate legislative oversight of settlement agreements involving a state entity or official.
  • HB 1002: An Act to revise certain provisions regarding the investments authorized for state public funds.
  • SB 197: An Act to require the POW/MIA flag be displayed in the Senate and House of Representative chambers.

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