New Iowa Laws 2020

Iowa Laws

Criminal Justice: The new Iowa laws make several changes to Iowa’s criminal justice system, including repealing certain offenses or stricter mandatory minimum sentencing.

One of the law’s provisions allows people with certain misdemeanor offenses to have one record expunged under specific circumstances, including if it’s been more than eight years since the date of their conviction.

Stun guns on college campuses: The new law prohibits officials at all of Iowa’s public universities and community colleges from banning the use of stun guns on campus.

Legislators say it will increase student safety, especially at a time when there is a heightened focus on sexual violence on college campuses.

Family caregivers: The “Iowa Care Act” requires that hospitals give family caregivers medical instructions to help their loved ones after they are discharged from a hospital stay.

It requires hospitals to give admitted patients the option to pick a designated caregiver. Hospitals are then required to notify the caregiver when the patient is discharged, asses the caregiver’s ability to provide assistance and then discuss the patient’s medical needs at home.

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