Saving Lives: Iowa’s Good Samaritan overdose law

Good Samaritan Overdose Law – Iowans shouldn’t have to choose between saving a life or avoiding legal trouble if they see someone in distress.

That belief birthed Iowa Code section 124.418, the state’s Good Samaritan Immunity Law, which allows those who are near a person experiencing an overdose to avoid being prosecuted for certain crimes if they report the emergency.

“We definitely want people seeking medical assistance for others who are in a dangerous situation because of drugs and drug overdoses,” said Story County Attorney Jessica Reynolds. She said her office has seen the law applied twice. “We have Narcan and other drugs that can bring people back. I think it’s a great law.”

The 2018 statute is aimed at cutting down the number of fatal overdoses in Iowa and encouraging those who witness an overdose to seek help from authorities, even if they’re illegally using or handling drugs, too.

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