Iowa sports betting law went into effect Thursday

Gov. Kim Reynolds signed SF 617 in May, laying the track for Iowa to join 10 other states with legalized Iowa sports betting. The law permits wagering on college and professional sports, though betting on in-play actions for college sports is prohibited if the team is linked to players or teams that are playing for or against a school in the state of Iowa.

Furthermore, mobile-app-based betting is permitted under the law, meaning Iowans do not need to always go to one of the 18 brick-and-mortar casinos throughout the state, opening sports books to place bets moving forward. However, gamblers must be 21 years old in order to legally wager, travel to a casino to prove their eligibility before gambling and set up an account for their mobile access.

The Iowa Gaming Commission, which is set to regulate sports betting throughout the state, published a list of pre-approved wagers — in other words, which types of bets can be made for certain sports and leagues.

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