Hemp and drug laws set for legislative studies

Attorney general Jason Ravnsborg says his office will be working on hemp and drug law studies with the two interim legislative committees dealing with those issues.

“One regarding hemp specifically, and another one is broader, handling a number of different substances that are seen as substance abuse,” Ravnsborg said. “It’s a broader discussion that started off as an ingestion-only discussion. And got to be a little bit wider so we can talk about some of the issues that I talked about during the session regarding tweaks to sd 70 & 73.”

Ravnsborg says the end results of those committees will likely carry over into the 2020 legislative session.

There has been some controversy over hemp and CBD oil, with some state’s attorneys declining to file charges overuse and possession.

Ravnsborg says both hemp oil and CBD oil are illegal under state law.

Source: KSFY